DK Merino - Pink Panther

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Handgefärbtes Luxus DK Merino Garn 115 Gramm je Strang
x 115g
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DK Merino - Pink Panther
22,02 €
191,43 € per 1 kg
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
x 115g

This wonderfully soft yarn is suitable for slightly thicker projects such as scarves, loops, gloves and muzzles. It is also ideal for wonderful scarves or garments and is very soft and cuddly in the hand. It has a springy twist in the twist that lives up to its name. The yarn consists of 100% extrafine Merino Superwash, 115g

For larger knitwear I recommend to knit the yarn alternately to get an even knit pattern in the colour distribution.
The yarn was dyed with acid and then washed by hand and rinsed several times. The colour can still bleed, especially with dark colours. I recommend washing the yarn or the resulting knitted fabric separately again. If multicoloured knitwear is produced with dark and light colours, I recommend to make a stitch test beforehand and wash it cold by hand. It is not recommended to use a colour detergent or a fabric softener.

Each skein is unique and is lovingly handcrafted by me - no skein is like the other.

For the pictorial representation I used a high-quality mirror reflex camera. It is important to me that the yarns are displayed correctly in terms of colour. However, I cannot give any guarantee for colour deviations of the monitor and the original goods. I did not do any post-processing.

Gröe/Maß/Ggewicht 115 g = 230 Meter, Nadelst 4-5. The weight can vary slightly due to the moisture content of the yarn. Of course, the length remains the same. Materials used: 100% Merino Superwash Extrafine. Type of manufacture: Handmade < br />

Category: DK/Worsted/Aran/Chunky
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‍: Superwash
Yardage‍: 230/115g
Color‍: Pink
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