About us

Dear wool and yarn lovers,

my name is Rabea, I was born in 1980, married and mother of a little girl. My main job is as a product manager and patent officer in an eHealth IT company. Privately I love to be creative, be it in the house, in the garden or with my handicrafts. As a child, my dear grandmother taught me the basics of knitting and crocheting. After a few years, I picked it up again and continued to develop.

In 2012 I started my first dyeing experiments for my own consumption. This resulted in a hobby which grew steadily and so I opened my first DaWanda shop in 2014. In order to make the entire process more flexible for my customers, I decided to introduce my own shop system including warehouse management.

I buy my yarns from Great Britain and South Africa, they are dyed with acid colours. Each dyeing process is done by hand. The yarn is prepared, dyed, heated and then gently post-processed and bathed. Each individual skein is dried at rest, then wrapped and immediately packed in fixed transport boxes. The yarn remains there until it is purchased. 

In order to ensure that your goods arrive safely and quickly, I send the orders by DHL parcel. I try to use as little plastic as possible, so the shipping takes place in boxes with paper tape. For long distance shipping I pack the yarns inside a bag again. 

On these pages you will find the colour explosions I have created on your favourite yarn. The love for yarn connects me with each one of you and I wish everyone a leisurely break with their knitting needles and the right yarn for your projects.

You can also find me and my yarns on Ravelry to link your projects. https://www.ravelry.com/yarns/brands/schwedenrot-yarns

You can also follow my latest activities on Instagram. Be up to date: @schwedenrot_yarns

All the best,